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How to Super-Size Your Referral Network with Twitter

A key to success for mortgage brokers is having a strong referral network of realtors and builders. Traditionally, expanding your referral network meant attending industry networking events and conferences.

If you don’t particularly enjoy networking, you are in luck. With today’s technology, you can grow your referral network while sitting at your desk or relaxing at a coffee shop.

In this article, you will learn how to leverage Twitter’s social network to find referral partners for your business and compel them to become a part of your network.

Why Twitter?

Twitter’s casual nature and real-time social interactions make it similar to networking. Just as easily as you would introduce yourself to someone at a conference, you can reach out to anyone on Twitter.

Twitter is a one of the best platforms for building initial rapport with people online.
The ability to engage in small talk and share opinions instantly with anyone makes Twitter different from Facebook, LinkedIn, email and other online channels.

Coupled with Twitter’s searching capabilities, you can easily find potential partners to boost your referral network.

Finding Referral Partners on Twitter

For many mortgage brokers, realtors and builders make up a large part of their referral networks. With a few simple techniques, you can quickly find real estate agents and builders in your city to connect with.

1. Advanced Search –

Advanced Twitter Search

Twitter allows you to search for users who are nearby. To find them, enter keywords like “realtor“, “real estate agent” and “builder” into the search fields and include your city in the “Near this Place” field.

2. Hashtags

Hashtags are used my Twitter users to group their tweets under a particular keyword or topic. Hashtags are denoted by a # symbol before the keyword. For example, a search for #realtor will give you a list of all tweets under the topic “realtor“.

3. People Following Associations

Twitter Followers

An effective way to find realtors and builders is to look at the associations they belong to. Most professional associations are on Twitter, so visit their profiles and view their list of followers to find potential referral partners.

Once you’ve found people you’d like to connect with, follow them on your Twitter account so that you see their tweets. The next step is to start a conversation and build rapport with them.

Building Rapport on Twitter

Just like there are rules of etiquette at networking events, there are proper ways to engage people in conversation on Twitter.

The general rule is to always add value to the conversation.

By adding value to the conversation, you engage people without coming across as a self-promoter. At the same time, you are positioning yourself as an expert of mortgages within your social sphere.

You can add value on Twitter by:

  • Replying directly to a tweet and offering an insight or opinion
  • Providing advice to someone who has a question about mortgages
  • Tweeting something interesting or funny. This may not be for everyone, but it shows personality and helps break the ice.
  • Sharing links to helpful resources or events. Links can be to your own website or blog, which helps boost traffic. Just make sure what you are sharing is useful and relevant.

After you’ve built an initial rapport someone on Twitter, you can contact him or her directly to extend communication over email or other social channels, and eventually set up an appointment.

In Conclusion

Twitter is an effective and flexible way to expand your referral network. By finding the right people and establishing rapport, you can turn strangers into powerful allies for your business.

Are you on Twitter? Has Twitter helped you as a mortgage broker? Share your thoughts below or tweet us at @gotomortgages.

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