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Maximizing Exposure with Painless Customer Reviews

Do you struggle with not having enough time to effectively market yourself online?

GoTo Brokers incorporate online marketing strategies into their daily routine to save time. One such technique is acquiring and leveraging customer reviews quickly and painlessly.

Customer reviews provide two key benefits including:

  • Significantly boosting your visibility on Google giving you more direct leads and traffic to your website.
  • Building your reputation as a trustworthy and knowledgeable broker.

In today’s world where decisions are driven by online research, positive customer reviews and good ratings will encourage potential customers to contact you because others trust you.

What’s the Difference between Customer Reviews and Testimonials?

Traditionally, mortgage brokers collected testimonials from their customers.

Although similar, testimonials and customer reviews are not the same. The main difference is that testimonials are posted by the broker on his/her own website, while customer reviews are posted by the actual customer on a third-party website.

Why choose customer reviews over testimonials?

Customer reviews:

  1. Build professional credibility, because reviews are posted by the customer and regulated by a third-party.
  2. Can be easily repurposed as testimonials on your website. If you have a page for testimonials on your website, you can choose positive snippets from your customer reviews use them as testimonials. Testimonials, however, can not be repurposed as customer reviews.
  3. Dramatically increase online presence and website traffic. Sites like Google recognize the credibility of customer reviews and will reward you with better visibility in search results than brokers who do not have any reviews.

Now, let’s look at how you can get customer reviews without bothering people and spending a lot of time.

Minimizing your Time Investment

Most mortgage brokers are already up to their eyeballs in work. Work that needs to be done just to maintain status quo.

The Best Time to Get Reviews Painlessly

A commonly used technique is to ask existing customers for reviews. This often occurs months after a deal has been closed, takes a concerted effort and can cause undesirable reactions from customers.

The effortless way is to integrate the process into how you work with your customers. Requesting a review is just as essential as helping your customers complete their mortgage application.

The best time to ask is right after you’ve closed the deal, while their excitement is still high and the experience of working with you is fresh in their minds.

Steps to receiving positive customer reviews

  1. Ask them to describe their experience working with you.
  2. Encourage them to share their positive experience with others.
  3. Make it super easy by providing them with a direct link to your review page.

Wasn’t that easy?

The Best Places to Build your Reputation

Here are some of the best sites to get started. These sites get a lot of traffic and are highly trusted.
Google Local, Bing Local and Yelp

Remember to create an engaging profile on each customer review site. Include a professional photo, description of your services, your experience & accolades, contact information and website. A professional and informative profile supports your customer reviews and encourages potential clients to contact you.

In Conclusion

Following the GoTo Brokers simple steps and investing a little time in acquiring positive reviews from your customers, you can drastically increase your online success. The key is to incorporate it into your existing process. Try it with your next customer!

We at GoTo Mortgages always like to hear from you. Do you have tips for getting feedback from your customers? What has worked or hasn’t worked for you in the past? Share your thoughts below!

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